Want to take your business to a new level? Leviton, premium manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment, wants to help you get there! See how these industry experts not only drive sales, but also make customers for life.

Leviton’s proven sales strategy helps you move more product and merchandise more effectively. Our Sales Professionals can help you continue your success and help you get better acquainted with the Leviton product portfolio.

As an Inside Sales professional you know your customers very well. But how do you go from, Good to Great?

Selling Tips

Know your Good, Better and Best Offerings
• Makes you a Trusted Advisor to your Customer
• Allows you to share enhanced options
• Drives an Increase in Service and Transactional Sales Dollars

How Much Spend are your Customers Spending with you? Likely no more than 50%
• Ask the question at the counter every time (What are you buying elsewhere?)
• By listening you can likely position other products you sell they buy elsewhere you can supply them
• Drives greater service buying more in one location
• Provides increased sales revenue for you

Ask questions about the job and application and position in-stock products (Core Items)
• Instant Delivery to your customer
• Faster turns of Core SKU’s
• Enables you to be a trusted advisor listening to their needs fully

Did you know some Vendors can provide customized co-branded Marketing Materials to provide you an easy selling tool?
• Provide customers details on more solutions for their future needs
• Co-branding offers credibility of two brands validating information for valued customers


Position Merchandising based on Customer Interest
• Discuss with your colleagues common areas of interest from your customer than engage your Vendors for Merchandising options
• Consider making Merchandising decisions on Core Stocked Products OR Add Stock if not already in place
• Ask Vendor for ‘Selling Tips’ or ‘Playbooks’ connected to those items reflected on the Merchandising
• Consider Counter Days/Lunch-N-Learns PLUS a 2 Day Sales to drive training and sales
• Concentration on less-is-more! Pick Merchandising based on highest sales growth opportunity not just Vendor relationships (High In-Stock with High Demand Potential) + Does Merchandising support UP-SELLING? Traditional Decora to Decora Smart for example.

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